Presentation of the FIRST ICE Technology

The First+Ice technology is a patented formula which required many years of scientific researches in laboratory.

This formula is composed in majority of water (80%) and polymeric beads in a sealed pack with a white valve. The aspect is translucent and gelatinous.

During freezing (-18°C), the water contained in the polymer beads freezes and each molecule of water dissociates from these beads in order to crystallize until forming snow.

This phenomena of crystallization makes First+Ice technology unrivalled in terms of performances compared to the many existing gel on international market.

To benefit from a constant and long lasting cold (2hours), it is imperative that the the first freezing time lasts 12hours before using the cold packs.


After, we obtain 2 hours of cold and even more, depending of the environment, for 2 hours of freezing.

In order to let the crystallization, you have to put the FirstIce cold packs in the freezer without obstructing the white valve. Do not stack the cold packs.