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Cryovest Comfort

Here after the testimony of a patient with Multiple Sclerosis

"Suffering of Multiple Sclerosis type Primary Progressive, I quickly noticed that the smallest physical effort or few minutes of sun exposure amplified my problems: famous Uthoff symptoms...

I became an adept of all the technics to reduce and make my body temperature stable: cold bath and cold shower; atomiser; air conditioning in the car; reduction of all my movements when the outside temperature is above 20°C. But it's very complicated to came to its physiotherapist with its bath...

For me, my family, my friends, I had to do something to maintain a social life with the arrival of sunny days!
Because I could not accept this situation anymore, I started to look for a solution, found with the Cryovest.

I have the Cryovest with me for every trips during strong heat. I get back a real comfort with a feeling to suffer less of this disease.
I am not impressed anymore of periods of strong heat!
The well-being effect is quickly perceptible and for at least 3 hours.

"Easy to use, comfortable, Try it and you will Love it.""

Benjamin VELTIN 
Expert Patient
Multiple Sclerosis French League