FirstIce® Horse Cryotherapy Envelope

After a good work session or a significant effort, The horse’s muscles, tendons and joints can suffer from slight contusions – muscle tissues representing more than 50% of a horse’s body mass – cryotherapy is a durable solution to effectively relieve our equine friends.


Meet the needs of each member of the horse:

The FirstIce® Horse Cryotherapy Envelopes provide uniform compression to help reduce inflammation and heat through constant non-agressive cold scattering. From hooves to tendons, from hock to stifle, each zone has its adapted envelope:



Before or Post COOLING :

Before the effort on "pre-cooling" session, improve the energy efficiency that is determining in the physical performance of your horse; or in "post-cooling" session after the effort by accelerating the natural regeneration process for a better recovery (training or competition) thanks to the long-lasting cooling cover :