A cooling vest with strong characteristics

Cryovest Industry is a cooling vest adapted to every worker exposed to heat in their workplace. Cryovest is used as a Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

The Cryovest can be wear by workers in steel, metalworking industry, firemen, constructing industry, agriculture and every fields confronted to heat stress.

Thanks to its high quality cold technology, this cooling vest allows to maintain and restore cognitive functions of workers exposed to strong heat and is helpful for the safety. Cryovest improve comfort at work by diminishing thermal stress. This cooling vest is also ergonomic and do not restrict or impede movement.

There are 8 cold packs of First+Ice (4 in the front/ 4 in the back 15x15cm each). Cryovest has a homogeneous and long cold diffusion (autonomy 90min).

Advantage of the Cryovest Industry:

  • Lightweight (less than 2Kg)
  • Ergonomic and Comfort (not restrict or impede movements)
  • High quality cold
  • Long lastin (autonomy 90min)
  • Fire-resistant fabric (quality Bodyguard NOMEX)
  • Lombar support (elastic strap)


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A cooling vest perfectly adapted to workers in hot environment


Human advantages

  • Maintain a constant level of heart rate
  • Stabilize the water status
  • Improve the heart rate
  • Improve the thermic comfort


  • Maintain and restore some cognitive functions
  • Helpful for the safety and productivity ( less loss of concentration so less risk of workplace injuries or risks of mistakes)

Product characteristics


  • Less than 2 kg

Ergonomic and Comfort

  • Not ristrict or impede movement
  • Fire-resistant fabric (quality Bodyguard NOMEX)
  • Lombar support (elastic strap)

High quality cold

  • A non aggressive cold over a long duration due to its unique patented snwo cold technology used in medical

Long lasting

  • Homogeneous and long cold diffusion (autonomy 90min)

Nos produits

    Lumbar Wrap - Size XL/2XL

    The lumbar wrap is ideal in the treatment of lumbago. It diffuse a constant and long duration cold (4h) without risk of cutaneous burns nor freezing of skin tissues.

  • Shoulder Wrap of Cryotherapy

    This cryotherapy shoulder wrap is using the First+Ice technology. To provide relief of post-operative pain and swelling after shoulder surgery