High performance technical characteristics thought with and for the patients

CRYOVEST Boléro, is a cooling vest designed for the patients and weakened person like elderly people or people who are suffering of the heat.

Thanks to its high performance and non-aggressive cold technology, CRYOVEST Boléro allows people who are suffering of the heat to live better.

CRYOVEST allows patients with MS to maintain a physical activity and as follows:

  • Improve their quality of life
  • Fight against tiredness

It has been tested and validated by patients in rehabilitation center.

CRYOVEST Boléro offer:

  • Lightweight (less than 2 kilos)
  • Ergonomic and comfort (not restrict or impede movement)
  • High quality cold (non-aggressive)
  • Long cold duration (2 hours)

CRYOVEST Boléro integrate 5 FirstIce cold bags (to put in the freezer ONLY )

  • 2 small cold bags in the front (15x15 cm) , 2 big cold bags in the back (15x30 cm)
  • 1 small cold bag in the neck (15x15 cm)


WARNING: Our CRYOVEST size small, we suggest you to have a look at the sizing chart before your selection

Size chart: sizing_chart-_cryovest_comfort.pdf

Une veste spécialement conçue pour les malades et les personnes affaiblies

Advantages of Cryovest


  • 1,9 Kg

Ergonomic and Comfort

  • Not restrict or impede movement

High quality cold

  • A non aggressive cold over a long duration due to its unique patented snow cold technology used in medical

Long lasting

  • Homogeneous and long cold diffusion (autonomy 90min)

Nos produits

    Lumbar Wrap - Size XL/2XL

    The lumbar wrap is ideal in the treatment of lumbago. It diffuse a constant and long duration cold (4h) without risk of cutaneous burns nor freezing of skin tissues.

  • Shoulder Wrap of Cryotherapy

    This cryotherapy shoulder wrap is using the First+Ice technology. To provide relief of post-operative pain and swelling after shoulder surgery