The hip wrap of cryotherapy using the FirstIce technology is ideal for the eleif of pain following Hip surgery.


Analgesia, the cold bring a deceleration of the nervous conduction with an anti-pain effect,

Anti-inflammatory, the action of vasoconstriction allows a reduction of the blood surge,

Anti-oedema, can reduce and stop the formation of an oedema

Anti-heamorrhagic, prevent the bleeding


Universal size

Shipped with 2 FirstIce cold packs 15x30 cm

Nos produits

    Lumbar Wrap - Size XL/2XL

    The lumbar wrap is ideal in the treatment of lumbago. It diffuse a constant and long duration cold (4h) without risk of cutaneous burns nor freezing of skin tissues.

  • Shoulder Wrap of Cryotherapy

    This cryotherapy shoulder wrap is using the First+Ice technology. To provide relief of post-operative pain and swelling after shoulder surgery