Presentation of CRYOINNOV

Young company from Brittany, CryoInnov has knew how to developp concepts of Cryotherapy to a large number of users. For that the company use its knowledge about thermoregulation from the medical field and on cold bags using the First+Ice technology:

  • long last cold (around 2 hours)
  • non-aggressive (between 1°C and 5°C), no burn risks
  • flexible

Our conecpt applies in different fields throughout the World (Medical, Veterinay, Sport for high performance, Industry).

Our story

CryoInov, specialist in thermoregulation and cryotherapy, initially developped a cooling vest for sportsmen, integrating this new cold technology.

Indeed, following a request of the medical commission of the French Olympic committee for the Olympic Games in Beijing, we conceived and equipped some of the athletes with a cooling vest named CRYOVEST to cope with hot summer days and especially the important rate of hydrometry of this region. 

After a collaboration with the INSEP (National Sport Institu of Expertise and Performance), we could test and improve the vest (better ergonomics, facility of use) and especially decline the design to answer other requests in farious field such as industry (metallurgy, steel...); medical (patients with Multiple Sclerosis) or individuals in general (people who are suffering of heat in their daily life...).

3 designs of CRYOVEST are available:

  • Cryovest Sport
  • Cryovest Industry
  • Cryovest modèle boléro